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About us

Mobility in Brussels is a real challenge! This is why we created HUSK (ex CarASAP), a compelling and customized private driver platform geared towards the future!

Why did we create Husk ?

Companies have specific mobility needs. Incumbent players did not answer it in a targeted manner. HUSK provides a booking experience, pricing and services that can be tailored to a high degree. The use and the costs of the service are monitored. The processes are simplified. The invoicing is transparent. The back office work is removed.

Our reliability, our level of service and our competitive pricing have allowed us to build a trusted relationship with our customers.

Who are we?

HUSK (ex CarASAP) was created in 2015 with one goal; transform the private hire market in Belgium and build a credible transport alternative. We have spent our energy on our B2B customers' needs. We are delighted to count BEL 20 and large companiers and SMEs  as clients.

In 2019, HUSK has been acquired by Lab Box, the mobility incubator of D'Ieteren Auto who's goal is to contribute to a more efficient and innovative mobility eco-system.

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