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Shuttle Service

You are looking for a corporate shuttle solution ? We are there for you !

Thanks to our technology say stop to big buses riding almost empty and making some back and forth without even knowing if there are still some passengers to pick up or not.

We are the best solution to help your employees making the last kilometers between a bus/ train station to your office.


Mobile App

Mobile app

We provide you a user friendly App that will allow your employees to book a seat in our mini vans.

Your People

Data & metrics

You will know exactly the amount of employees and each person using the shuttle every week/ Month/ Year.



We adapt the amount of mini vans depending on the demand. No booking ? No shuttle -> No cost.

We help you along the way

Thanks to our large experience in corporate shuttles we willl be there to help you for the implementation and on boarding to ensure a smooth start.

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Your private driver where you want when you want.

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For your manager, employees et simply for you.

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