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HUSK is a Belgian transport company offering top-of-the-range Taxi Limousine service at very competitive prices.

Our large pool of private drivers will drive you everywhere in Brussels, Belgium and abroad. The price is fixed at time of booking, no more surprise at the arrival!

This service is offered by the D’Ieteren group.

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A solution for your personal needs

Fare price known at time of booking

Maximum 10% of surge price during the busiest hours

multiple booking options

Book your Husk taxi limousine by phone, online or with the app: you choose!

A local team

Available 24/7 to listen to your requests on multiple channels

Security & confidentiality

Our private drivers are under contract with us and they have to follow strict compliance rules

Flexible booking methods

ASAP or in advance.

Impeccable service

90% of our private drivers are rated above 4 stars

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Your private driver where you want when you want.

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For your manager, employees et simply for you.

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